Tennis Coach Psychology Certificate

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This online course has been developed for tennis coaching professionals and other committed individuals* to further equip their coaching skills when working with tennis players of all standards.

Key concepts covered include

  • Recognise the potential impact of a tennis player’s drive on their sporting performance
  • Use a simple form of ‘performance profiling’ to assess a tennis player’s technical, physical and psychological strengths and weaknesses
  • Recognise the types of goals a tennis players may set to improve their drive and performance
  • Structure an effective goal-setting programme for your tennis players
  • Identify and use peak performance strategies in your coaching
  • Identify how confidence and beliefs can impact sporting performance
  • Recognise ways in which confidence can be developed in tennis players
  • Use imagery training to enhance learning and performance
  • Use practical strategies to improve the self-talk of your tennis players
  • Apply some simple techniques to develop relaxation and concentration
  • Integrate performance enhancing mental skills into a pre- and post-performance routine

It is based on twenty years’ experience of research and consultancy in sport psychology. Taking on average 25 hours to complete, the course delivers a framework in which to improve the learning, performance and enjoyment of tennis; and contains the core mental skills and techniques, written in an understandable and useable style with practical activities for the coach to use. It is the only course of its type available in Europe and is recognised as part of a member education programme.

Great Reasons to Enrol

  • Become a coach/practitioner of the mental game
  • Increase your coaching skills and impact on tennis players
  • Obtain a Tennis Coach Psychology Certificate
  • Get Maximum CPD points
  • Avoid travel costs and time away from your home and business
  • Study at your own pace, in your own time, and apply the skills with your tennis players
  • Written by one of the UK’s leading sport psychologist
  • Endorsed by tennis players & coaches

You will not find a more comprehensive Tennis Coach Psychology Course.